What I’d love to see in a Little Women anthology


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One more month of submissions to the Little Women anthology…So I’m putting ideas out there in the hope that a reader might think: “Hmm, that’s interesting, I’d like to look into that one and write about it,” and write a stunning submission which we’ll have the joy of seeing published 🙂  Continue reading

A Literary Christmas with Little Women


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Make “messes” like the March sisters, read books inspired by Little Women, take off on a Grand Tour…This is for all who want to celebrate Christmas Little Women style. Continue reading

Things I share with the Little Women sisters


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From a failed dinner party, missing out on the adventure of a lifetime and receiving a proposal from my best friend, these are the things I share with the March sisters from Little Women. Continue reading

All Little Women means to me


How a book comes to take such a shape of significance in anyone’s life does so slowly – almost like it does because one doesn’t expect it to… Because we read it, we made different choices. We saw the world differently. And we lived a different life to one we otherwise might have. For me, Little Women was one of those books. Continue reading

The man for Jo March: Theodore Laurence, Friedrich Bhaer, or…


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In The Courtship of Jo March, does Mr Bhaer ever come into the picture? Do Laurie and Jo’s marriage end up as dramatic as their friendship? Etain, A Homeschooling Life Continue reading