A Jo March Book Club: 20 questions about Little Women and The Courtship of Jo March


Some ideas for all who love books, love friends, and love to talk books with friends…Twenty questions to discuss about Little Women and The Courtship of Jo March over tea and cookies. Continue reading

How do I love thee: 14 novel declarations of love


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For all who are beloved. Hope these are helpful this coming Valentines’ Day as you plan surprises for loved ones! (For those who haven’t yet read Little Women or the Courtship of Jo March, I haven’t made a note of who said these lines to whom so as not to spoil the stories :))  Continue reading

Things I share with the Little Women sisters


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From a failed dinner party, missing out on the adventure of a lifetime and receiving a proposal from my best friend, these are the things I share with the March sisters from Little Women. Continue reading

All Little Women means to me


How a book comes to take such a shape of significance in anyone’s life does so slowly – almost like it does because one doesn’t expect it to… Because we read it, we made different choices. We saw the world differently. And we lived a different life to one we otherwise might have. For me, Little Women was one of those books. Continue reading

Little Women summer reading with Orchard House


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“Your reading list this summer – any Little Women related titles on it?” There are indeed Little Women-related titles on the list! What is funny is that even the titles that are not so directly linked to Little Women are connected to folks here at Orchard House. Continue reading