Who was the real Beth March?


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As little is known of Elizabeth Alcott’s life, author Susan Bailey hopes to shed light on her long neglected story, “a prime example of being hidden in plain view.” It will be the first book of its kind – and as fellow fans of Little Women, she’d love your help. Continue reading

Beth March’s legacy: the bashful beauty of Little Women


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Twenty years after the first time I read Little Women, I’m still discovering new things within it that astonish me. I re-read this beloved classic for the Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge and have been struck afresh by things I hadn’t fully comprehended about Beth March until now – things that challenge me as to what true beauty is. Continue reading

Loss of a beloved: Little Women and the valley of the shadow


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I used to pass over this chapter in Little Women. Now, this passage is a comfort. How many of these words now resonate in my soul. How thankful I am for this beautiful, personal, moving chapter that must have given voice to all that Louisa herself felt upon losing Elizabeth, and gives voice to all who have ever known such loss. Continue reading