About Much ado about Little Women

Trix Wilkins isn’t a Little Women scholar, academic, or PhD. She just really enjoys reading the novel (especially the bits about Jo and Laurie) and writing about it on her blog Much ado about Little Women. And because she married her best friend and wishes Jo had done the same, she wrote The Courtship of Jo March.

A Jo March Book Club: 20 questions about Little Women and The Courtship of Jo March


Some ideas for all who love books, love friends, and love to talk books with friends…Twenty questions to discuss about Little Women and The Courtship of Jo March over tea and cookies. Continue reading

Little Women Legacy: (Down) Under the Umbrella with Trix Wilkins, Featured Author

Reminiscing over favorite moments in Little Women, feeling sentimental about what led to the Courtship of Jo March, and honoring the unforgettable people who have spoken truth into my life… Thank you to the editors of the Little Women Legacy who brought my thoughts on Jo and Laurie to the world, and who dared to ask me for truth.

In this blog post series, we’ll feature contributing authors from our new anthology, Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy. Today we’ll catch up with Trix Wilkins, writer, Aussie, and Alcott enthusiast.


Contributor Trix Wilkins, photographed by her seven-year-old son, reads Little Women across from the iconic Sydney Opera House.

What is your favorite scene from Little Women?

I love the New Year’s Eve ball where Jo and Laurie officially meet. They have an interesting and free-flowing conversation, and of course that wonderful dance in the hallway that happens because Jo says she can’t show the burn in her dress and Laurie says let’s dance anyway. It’s a lot of fun. I think this is the first time in the novel we see Jo unburdened—no thoughts of money or war or work, just joyful moments—and being the person she might always be in the company of such a friend…

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A Tale of Two Editors of The Little Women Legacy


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I had to ask: Team Laurence or Team Bhaer? Editors Merry Gordon and Marnae Kelly talk Jo March’s ending, how they’d put the March sisters to work at Pink Umbrella Books (not just work of course – they’d go on holiday too), and surprises for Little Women fans in the to-be-released anthology, Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy. Continue reading

Of the best and least loved: a review of Little Women


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The trouble with writing a review about a novel you’ve been reading for over twenty years is how often and how quickly your thoughts and feelings about it can change so that each time you get around to capturing said thoughts and feelings they seem to contradict the ones you have one hour later. At some point however one must just be brave… Continue reading

How do I love thee: 14 novel declarations of love


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For all who are beloved. Hope these are helpful this coming Valentines’ Day as you plan surprises for loved ones! (For those who haven’t yet read Little Women or the Courtship of Jo March, I haven’t made a note of who said these lines to whom so as not to spoil the stories :))  Continue reading