Which Little Women prequel would you like to see written?

By Trix Wilkins

Have you ever wondered what happened before Little Women? What would you love to read more about?

1 How the Marches fell from fortune (Mr March’s mistake)

How did Mr March lose the family fortune? How did they move from being one of the “first families” to one where the women of the family are earning for food? Did Mr March undergo any sort of character change as a result of his friend’s betrayal?

2 How the Marches fell in love (Mr & Mrs March’s courtship)

How did Mr and Mrs March meet and marry? How did he win her? Was there ever anybody else? From where did each of them hail? What were their families like? Their parents? The extended family beyond Aunt March?

3 How Laurie’s parents met and married (and the consequent drama)

Laurie’s grandfather disapproved of his father marrying his mother – what was that all about? How did his parents even meet? What did they love about each other? How did Mr Laurence find out, what did his wife think? How did Laurie’s parents die?

4 How the Laurences got rich (life pre-Laurie)

How did Mr Laurence get into the trade to India? Was he ever part of the East India Company? How did he meet Laurie’s grandmother? Did he come from money or did he build it from nothing?

5 The making of Aunt March (and pre-rich-Aunt March)

How did Mr and Mrs March (as in Aunt March) meet and what was their courtship like? How did Aunt March spend her time as a young wife? How did her husband die? Why does she advise Meg to marry for money? What was her relationship with her brother like?

6 The story of John Brooke (life and love before Meg)

How did John Brooke grow up and in what circumstances? How did he come to be employed by the Laurences? Did he have a love interest before Meg? Had he ever had his heart broken? What would he have chosen to do with his life, were money not an issue?

7 The young March sisters (before the teen years)

How did Beth start homeschooling (what happened at school)? Jo’s early days of learning – what did she first write, what were her favorite books, what were her school friendships like? Meg and Amy’s adventures “when papa was rich” – what were they?

8 Laurie in Vevey (orphan globe-trotting schoolboy)

Laurie’s schooling and friendships in Vevey, loving and losing his parents (if he ever really knew them), and life in general before meeting the Marches. Did he ever witness firsthand his grandfather’s business exploits (were they ethical…)?

Keen to read any Little Women prequels? Let me know in the comments!


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