Books, Tea and Castles: 20 Beautiful Little Women Gifts

By Trix Wilkins

My husband had a Little Women mug made for me featuring one of my favorite quotes, uttered by Theodore Laurence, “I don’t like fuss and feathers.”

Well, that put me in a bit of a mood to see what other Little Women goodies were out there! Here are the top 20 I found (at the time of writing):

“Keep Calm and Read Little Women” Art Print by Pixel Berry Pie Designs
“Sail My Ship” Jo March iPhone case by Kate Pollack
“Adventures” Jo March Art Print by Nicole’s Hand Prints
“Housekeeping Ain’t No Joke” Hannah T-Shirt by Ownedandloved
Little Women Quote Wooden Pencils by sixOsixDesign
Little Women Scrapbooking Pack by Graphic45
“Castles in the Air” Art Print by Printable Wisdom
Louisa May Alcott green and rose tea by Literary Tea Company
Beth’s Housekeeping Mug by The Scarlet Llama
Little Women Journal Book Cover by The Old Curiosity Shopp
“Books like Home” Bookmark by The Story Gift
“A Wonderful and Extraordinary Life” Pendant by Literary Lane Boutique
“Good Strong Words” Jo March Mug by The Scarlet Llama
Little Women Hollow Book Safe by Secret Safe Books
“Coffee over Compliments” Amy March Apron by DoubleTrouble
“Splendid and Heroic” Jo March Art Print by StudioTypeFace
“Castles in the Air” Printable Poster Set by On Book Street Prints

P.S. I’m on the lookout for a Little Women hardcover journal with quotes inside, and a book box…Don’t suppose any lovely readers have come across any?!

P.P.S. What Little Women gifts have you been waiting for?

P.S. Congratulations to Lauren Cutrone on winning the Pixel Berry Pie Designs Little Women Art Print giveaway!



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