Who in Little Women would you start a business with? (Little Women Giveaway #1)

By Trix Wilkins

I was thoroughly excited to win a giveaway last year of one of my favorite Little Women quotes, designed by Tarissa of Pixel Berry Pie Designs – who this month is kindly offering a giveaway of her latest artwork for a reader of Much Ado About Little Women (that’s one of you!).

It’s been a great a joy to pick her brain for her thoughts on Little Women, how her company came into being – and given the choice, who out of the Little Women characters she’d have various adventures with…

P.S. This is the design I was gifted with last year.

Is there a story behind each of the Little Women quotes you have available? Why did you choose to turn these particular quotes into art?

T: When I create new artwork, I try to use quotes that speak to me. Maybe it’s a phrase that just sticks out because it’s a quirky/funny, or it’s something I truly believe in. The L.M. Alcott quote that I most sentimentally connect might just be this one: “She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.” (I think that may apply to me!)

How did Pixel Berry Pie Designs come into being?

T: My little graphic design company began back in 2008. I was actually inspired to start up an online shop (AKA: heavily prompted) by my mother, who wanted me to create some graphics for her own business.

Soon I was creating digital artwork for other people too – people who lived all over the world!

It’s been a thrilling ride. I’m always learning about new things by talking with my customers, and I love getting to work on innovative projects with visionary people.

And, of course, I consider all my customers as kindred spirits – because apparently, we’re into the same things!

Out of all the Little Women characters, who would you start a business or organization with? (And what?)

T: I’d start a library organization with Jo, providing food for the mind – collecting book donations from the shelves of the rich, to offer to those less fortunate – that is, those who have no books to read.

It would work as a library system, so that the books would be returned to our collection for others to be able to read again and again.

Maybe we could have a wagon of books to drive through town, with our revolving library cache, dropping books off wherever needed. What fun that would be!

This is the new design that’s up to be won!

How to enter the giveaway

To go into a draw to win a copy of Tarissa’s latest Little Women art of the above quote before August 31 (each of the below constitutes one entry – so the more the merrier!):

  • Answer this question in the comments: Out of all the Little Women characters, who would you start a business/organization with? (And what would it be?)
  • Follow Tarissa on Instagram @pixelberrypie
  • Pop one of your favorite quotes from Little Women in the comments (it can’t be one you read in this post ;))

For those who love a sure thing, this artwork is 20% off through the rest of August. It’s available here in your choice of either Black Text on White, or in Chalkboard. Tarissa will ship an art print to our giveaway winner (US only – digital/printable design will be sent via e-mail to a winner outside the US).

Chalkboard version of the giveaway

Stay tuned for Little Women Giveaway #2 with Tarissa from Pixel Berry Pie Designs – Who in Little Women would you go on holiday with?


  1. Hmm…that’s tough. My natural inclination would be to say Jo. But we wouldn’t open a business, we would write a novel together! I would love to have Jo March as a co-author on a book. And think how fun it would be to brainstorm with her. Seeing as I’m more mousy like Beth I could probably handle being bossed around. 🙂 As for quotes, I didn’t have one that has stuck in my mind, so I went searching online and found this one: “I’ve got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”


  2. The more I think about it, the more I think I’d go into business with Meg. Jo and Amy are definite go-getters but there’s a softness to Meg. She’s more empathetic than her sisters. Beth could totally work with us. I picture something of a boutique. OR, as Beth isn’t such a ‘customer-facing’ person, she could craft and create some of what we sell.

    My quote lately has absolutely been “I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.” That thought has run through my mind every day this week.


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