Every Food and Drink in Little Women

How to eat like the March sisters…Great post about every food and drink in Little Women and an excuse to have French chocolate, champagne, and gingerbread (wishing I had written more food into the Courtship of Jo March!).

36 Eggs

Movie Picnic

It’s finally here! Let’s celebrate the release of the new Little Women movie trailer the 36 Eggs way — with a list of every food and drink in the book!

Here’s our Little Women Food & Drink Index, in alphabetical order. (You can also click on the sheets to see the foods and beverages organized by frequency of appearance.)

If you are a bit obsessive like me and need further detail, the Little Women Food & Drink Concordance is a chronological list, including the chapter and passage.

But here’s a brief-ish summary for readers who’d rather not mess with Google Sheets …

The foods most commonly eaten in the novel:
1. fruit, including apples, berries, dates, figs, grapes, (pickled) limes, oranges, and plums. Fresh fruit is Beth’s favorite food.
2. bread. Not terribly exciting, but also not surprising.
3. meat, including beef, chicken, and turkey.
4. candy, including molasses candy…

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