What I’d love to see in a Little Women anthology

By Trix Wilkins
Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures (1994)

If I were a lady of leisure I’d be spending my days in our state library poring through a pile of books on Little Women within sandstone walls, but alas it is not to be…

So I’m putting ideas out there in the hope that a passionate reader might think: “Hmm, that’s interesting, I’d like to look into that one and write about it,” and write a stunning submission which all will have the pleasure of reading in the Little Women anthology 🙂

Jo writing quote

A feature-article style account of the romance of Anna and John Pratt

I love the style of writing in the Granta Reportage anthology. It would be great to see a piece written in a journalistic style of the real life courtship and marriage of John and Meg Brooke. (By journalistic I mean Time magazine, National Geographic, etc.)

A humorous and comparative review of all the Little Women films

I’m sure there must be at least one reader out there who has seen all the Little Women films, series’, etc, and it would be wonderful to read in one fell swoop an all-in review of them all, that also includes analysis of historical context.

A collection of letters from Abigail Alcott to her daughters with commentary

I’m not sure if a whole lot survive that were along the lines of the letters we see appear in Little Women (like Marmee’s note to Jo), but it would be wonderful if there were, and were compiled and discussed in one article.

A comparison of Louisa May Alcott and Jo March’s faith journeys

Jo March struggles with her faith and “doing good,” bargains with God and pleads with Him to save Beth, struggles with His answer – yet one of the things she loves about Professor Bhaer is his defence of God. Did Louisa happen to have a similar journey?

An investigation into organizations inspired by Little Women

I’d love to read an article about charities, clubs, societies, that still exist today whose beginnings were inspired by Little Women, and from all around the world, including interviews with their founders and their personal stories.

A deeply personal look into Louisa and Elizabeth’s sisterly relationship

I know all the sisters loved each other, but would really love to read an account that highlights Louisa and Elizabeth’s special bond, all they meant to each other, how they shared their dreams with each other and dealt with their impending parting.

Interviews with descendants of the Alcott family on life and Little Women

What does LW mean to them personally? How were their lives impacted by the novel (if at all)? Do the experiences of any of the March sisters resonate? Have they experienced the friendship of Jo and Laurie, the romance of Meg and John, pioneering a non-profit?

“Why I love” Meg/Jo/Beth/Amy

There’s a lot out there on Jo March, but not as much for the other sisters. Would love to read a passionate defence of the other three as to what is lovable about them, how they personally relate, and what one can learn from their arc in Little Women.

Who was the real…?

So this had been the plan: to research each character in Little Women, find out everything possible about their real-life counterparts, and write about them (including obscure characters – who, for instance, was Tommy Chamberlain based on?).

A diary-style account of Louisa May Alcott’s friendships and romances

I would really like to read more about the real life Jo and Laurie dynamic, about Louisa and Alf and Laddie, and just about anyone who might have possibly inspired and informed the character of Laurie in Little Women, and their relationship to Louisa.

If you have seen similar articles out there, please provide a link in the comments! It would be wonderful to read them 🙂 

Jo march strong words

How to go about submitting to the Little Women anthology

If you’re keen to submit, please find more info below from Pink Umbrella Books:

“We invite writers around the world to submit their best previously unpublished creative nonfiction inspired by Alcott’s novel (memoir, essay, literary journalism and everything in between) for consideration.

We welcome pieces between 500 – 7,000 words that speak to the life and legacy of Little Women.

We’ll be accepting your Little Women-inspired submissions at submissions@pinkumbrellabooks.com through March 1st, 2018.

Please include a brief bio of no more than 200 words along with your work.

Multiple submissions are accepted, and entry is free and open to all.

Authors selected for inclusion will receive 2 copies of the anthology upon publication.

Nonfiction in any style is welcome—however, we value authentic, vivid work, and, just like Jo, we prefer “good strong words that mean something.”



  1. I think I might tackle one of your suggestions. I’ve been in love with Little Women on TV and in the movies since I was very little, and saw a Ballet version of it on PBS, late 6Os, early 70’s.

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