Anniversary of a Little Women variation

By Trix Wilkins

It’s been 8 months since the initial release of The Courtship of Jo March and how glad I am to write that an anniversary edition is now available! Many thanks to Kainos Print for the amazing job they’ve done 🙂 What’s different about this edition, you may ask? Apart from the cover, there are additional scenes and of course a bit of a discount…

The Courtship of Jo March

More about our Little Women favorites

In the course of editing The Courtship of Jo March for this next printing, I found some things demanded to be written. The Laurences, Professor Bhaer, and even Jo and Beth wanted more page time. I couldn’t resist them.

More acknowledgements

There have been more people to thank! 🙂 So many who have taken a chance on the novel and who have been such an encouragement since its first release for which I’m so thankful. This next printing wouldn’t be happening without them!

A discount

The bigger the print run, the bigger the discount as they say! The price for the anniversary edition paperback is also lower due to the alternate/deleted scenes being removed (they are now in eBook form in both the paperback and eBook packages). Please note that these special release prices only apply until the end of August 2017.

And now for a bit of a sneak peak…

These are the opening lines in the prologue:

All the trouble started the day the second eldest March sister Jo met the boy next door, Theodore Laurence (known to Jo as Teddy, and Laurie to everyone else). He was orphaned of an Italian mother and an English father as a child, and was being cared for by his extremely reserved grandfather, James Laurence. The latter’s predominant interests were his trading ships to India and the education of his only grandson to groom him into the family business. Laurie’s grandfather was affectionate and protective but sadly seemed to know little of fun. Jo felt sorry for the lonely boy, and upon the cat wandering next door chatted to him about cricket over the fence. They later became officially acquainted at a ball, where Jo attempted to hide her burnt dress and found herself running into Laurie instead. So began a friendship that was as unexpected as it was endearing – with unintended consequences.

Thank you so much for reading and for all your support! Please feel free to read the rest of the sample chapters or buy the eBook or paperback packages here.

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