16 lines I’d love to see in the new Little Women series

By Trix Wilkins

PBS Masterpiece has announced the cast for their upcoming Little Women series – which brought to mind some lines from Louisa May Alcott’s beloved classic that would be brilliant to see onscreen…

Genius quote PIC

Amy: “I never saw anyone faint…If I can go down easily, I’ll drop; if I can’t I shall fall into a chair and be graceful; I don’t care if Hugo does come at me with a pistol.”

Laurie: “I don’t like fuss and feathers.”

Amy: “We don’t wish any boys; they only joke and bounce about. This is a ladies’ club, and we wish to be private and proper.”

Laurie: “Please give these to your mother, and tell her I like the medicine she sent me very much.”

Laurie: “What do you most wish for?” Jo: “Genius; don’t you wish you could give it to me, Laurie?”

John Brooke: “It was too bad to laugh at the poor little jelly pots.”

Laurie: “I knew a girl, once, who had a really remarkable talent for music, and she didn’t know it; never guessed what sweet little things she composed when she was alone, and wouldn’t have believed it if anyone had told her.”

Aunt March: “What is father’s friend saying, to make you look like a peony? There’s mischief going on, and I insist upon knowing what it is!”

Jo: “I’m sure now that I shouldn’t be afraid of him, for he’s got kind eyes, though his mouth is grim, and he looks as if he had a tremendous will of his own.”

Marmee: “Money is a needful and precious thing – and, when well used, a noble thing – but I never want you to think it is the first or only prize to strive for.”

Jo: “So we’re to countenance things and people which we detest, merely because we are not belles or millionaires, are we?”

James Laurence: “I have had many pairs of slippers in my life, but I never had any that suited me so well as yours…I remain, your grateful friend and humble servant.”

Laurie: “Why, Jo, your stories are works of Shakespeare compared to half the rubbish that’s published every day. Won’t it be fun to see them in print, and shan’t we feel proud of our authoress?”

Fred: “Which [lady] do you like best?” Laurie: “Jo, of course.”

P.S. The Little Women Casting Announcement 

Meg: Willa Fitzgerald

Jo: Maya Hawke

Beth: Annes Elwy

Amy: Kathryn Newton

Marmee: Emily Watson

Laurie: Jonah Hauer-King

James Laurence: Michael Gambon

Aunt March: Angela Lansbury

What lines from the novel would you like to see featured in the upcoming Little Women series?

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